Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photo Plate

Set-Up for 4 color process photo plates

*when doing your layout, it is best to use the black (key) to compose the layout.
*when you punch your films, punch the paper at the same time
*tape the films down one on top of another on a light table to ensure proper registration. 
*tape the films in order of MYCB
*when exposing the plates, the plate should be emulsion side up, the films emulsion side down, so that emulsion is touching emulsion. 

"you're so emulsional"

*shoot a test plate first. you can expose a strip of plate four different times, moving a mask down the plate at each interval, keeping track of the accumulated time for each exposure, or shoot 4 small plates at different times (which is obviously easier). when using this method, expose only a corner of the plate to the film. you want to be able to see the image, as well as the edge of the film to ensure that the exposure time you pick has the best image quality and the least ghost from the film edge, as well as what the blank film over the plate looks like.
*after shooting, develop with a paper towel for about 30 seconds, wash off with cold water. 
((if you can't or won't make a test plate, shoot the cyan first because it's much more forgiving if (when) you fuck up))
*compare test plates to determine an acceptable exposure time for your plates, then shoot them.

((you're going to print it bad anyway, so it doesn't matter))

((give up now))

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