Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Smart Plate

Polyester Plates

*can be printed on a litho press (use an old plate with registration pins to hold the smart plate in place) or on an etching press with a tympan instead of felts. 
*most reliable drawing materials are sharpie, lacquer pen, enamel pen, ballpoint pen, or permanent industrial sharpie markers. the most reliable material, what these plates are made for, is toner. you can paint with toner, or put the plate through a copier or laser printer. 
*bake the drawing material at 250 for thirty minutes, or set overnight.
*there is brand chemistry for these plates, but toothpaste is more than sufficient for cleaning the plates and making a fountain solution for sponges
*after baking on drawing material, scrub the surface with a little toothpaste to remove any toner scatter. don't scrub the image, as it will come off. 
*make a fountain solution by dissolving a little toothpaste in the sponge water. this keeps the plate clean.
*you can ink up with color or black, use a composition roller for both. no further processing is required.
*if the plate is dry, additions can be made to the image at any time
*to store, blot with newsprint, clean off with toothpaste, rinse with water, dry and store flat in newsprint. 

"and on the eighth day, god gave us acetone, and it was good"

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