Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Waterless plates

*using an old photo plate- wash off any gum arabic and FPC
*counteretch the plate about 1 min to add tooth to the photo plate surface
*use clear, nonpaintable silicone (dap or similar) paintable silicone will hold onto the ink
*mix a little silicone and mineral spirits until it is about the consistency of honey
*if you make it loose, you may need two coats
*apply with a graphics squeegee or some similar DIY thing
*sacrifice a cheesecloth to buff in the silicone
*you can bake it at 275 for one hour, but its better to let it cure overnight
*you can use a ball grained plate too, just draw on it, talc the image and then apply the silicone
*you can only use acetone to wash out, but don't scrub too hard, or you'll rub off the silicone
*wash out until the emulsion is gone (drawing materials if using a ball grained plate)
*roll up in very stiff ink. scumming on the borders can be removed with a kim wipe
*use a smaller roller and fast strokes to cut down on scumming
*store with no ink (wash gently with acetone)

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