Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new materials.

You'll have to forgive the inherent awkwardness of this photobooth picture
 (note the stuffed alligator in the background) as I am entirely too lazy to find my

This odd thing is made of packing foam, the kind that comes in
thin sheets between layers of things in boxes. It looks like a billion
soap bubbles compressed into a sheet. It's quite soft, easy to cut, and
has an interesting ethereal (yet, industrial) feel and look to it. 

In an effort to prepare for the coming semester, and in turn, for the show I hope
to be putting together in January, I'm trying to make at least one little
something a day to keep the juices flowing.

One day, I will have a concise vision, and a coherent body of work that reflects my point of view.
not too soon, I hope. 

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