Thursday, July 30, 2009

the close.

Brooke Steiger graining the Jesus stone. Note
that it says Jesus stone on it. She's removing
the image Jim Dine left on it for so long, presumably
in preparation for Kiki Smith's visit next week.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Tamarind workshop, and while 
I'll be glad to sleep in a little next 
week, I'm quite
sad to see everyone go and the close of such a wonderful
experience. As usual, I wish I had taken more notes, asked
more questions and gotten to know everyone better, but 
I'm rarely left without these small regrets so I've come to be
used to it and not beat myself up over it too much. I'm trying to
decide on some sort of little treat to take everyone
tomorrow morning, but it's difficult with my current work schedule. 
At any rate, I've had an amazing time, and perhaps
now I've been able to get my foot in the door with this world-class
studio, which is huge for me as a printmaker. The
last of my notes and photos will be going up as
soon as I find some time.

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