Sunday, September 20, 2009

Turn yourself around...

I could feel autumn tingling on my arms today. I traipsed
across the still-wet grass, beneath the still-green trees, but
the smell of their impending decay tinted the breeze amber and gold.
The richness and life of summer is leaving the land, making
way for the restorative sleep of the hard frost
and the winter to follow. If you listen closely, you
can almost hear the trees and plants sighing, as if to lie
down at the end of a very long day, awaiting eagerly
the calm of deep slumber.

It puts me in a mind to take photographs,
and to make shrines. Spring and summer
are ruled by the masculine forces, autumn and
winter are the domain of the feminine. I'm
feeling the change in my mind and my body,
and I feel like something is waiting just over
the horizon, waiting for it to get a little

Needless to say, I'm feeling very mysterious today.

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