Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Summer's seemed short this year, but just as packed with drama and whiskey as I expected. August has finally billowed in, all thunderheads and blazing sunsets. Already, they're roasting green chile and I can almost smell the leaves beginning to die. I'm not sad to see summer go, not with a famed New Mexican Indian Summer on the horizon, but I can't help but look back. No doubt, it's had its exceptional moments, for many of which there are no photos. Here's ten, however, that provide a reasonable, albeit brief, look at summer, as I saw and felt it. 

It's almost unfortunate how little of the summer
I spent in parks...
...and how much of it was spent
worrying about this plant and
the consequences of its life and death.
I managed a brief escape. A month was
not long enough, forever won't be long
As much as I wanted to keep my head
in the clouds...
...and my feet in the sea...
...the desert calls me home, relentlessly,
Not that there aren't gems in the dunes, 
among the cactus...
...and not that there aren't adventures
worth having and moments worth
...or best of all, unknown things worth learning...
...but the mosh pits are really
dusty in the desert.

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