Monday, June 29, 2009

Sneak Peak

My room is so spectacularly clean and organized 
that I couldn't help but brag a little. It's like my 
own personal sanctuary, something much 
needed at the moment. 

The decorated eggs are by my stupendously
talented and clever grandmother, Sandra.

A little collection of effects and ephemera on my
dresser. The flying fixie is by the amazing Bertsey Titus,
The little porcelain bucket was a gift from my other 
grandmother for my 13th birthday, the silver jewelry box from my
aunt, and the photos in the back are my mother
on her wedding day and me and
my best friend in high school. The painting behind
all that is by Andrea Wilson, and she'll
forever loathe me for mentioning it.  
The prints hanging over my bed are by me and
my very talented colleagues in printmaking, left to right
Liz McDonald, Me, Me, Nathan Everett and the
incomparable Gaia Faust. 
My dresser is an antique, and I'm sad to say I had less
than the right amount of respect for it in my youth. 
It is, however, holding up alright, and now contains
much of my art supplies and tools. The painting is by me, 
and the mask was a gift from my aunt. 
No one in living memory has seen this drafting table, also
a family antique, with so little stuff on it. The snippet
on the wall is part of a gift wrap pattern I made. 
A reading/studying corner, with a handmedown 
chair and a wal mart tv table. The print on the left
is by the lovely Shanta D.M.F. Ryan. The piece on
the right is mine, a plexiglas matrix from a long
lost project. 
The "coral" is a juniper branch, painted and lacquered
by me. I adore that thing. On the bed is Marzipan,
the crocogator, and the pink quilt was made by another 

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